Our vision

The mission of Abys Medical is to use the power of digital intelligence to optimize and secure trauma surgery, while speeding up the preparation and the implementation.

The ambition of Abys Medical is thus to simultaneously meet the expectation of patients and healthcare professionals thanks to a unique offer with pragmatic objectives:

• Improving precision of medical diagnosis
• Reduction of operating time
• Reduction of healing time
• Reduction of overall infection risk
• Improving medical devices lifetime
• Improving operative planning
• Reduction of operational costs

Our finding is that the current market does not offer what technology does better.

Our belief is that artificial intelligence applied to imaging will enable radiologists both to increase their analytical power to focus their expertise on high value-added cases, and to provide surgeons with unparalleled knowledge of pathologies for which they engage their responsibility, through a highly secure surgical platform.

Our belief is that tomorrow’s keys for orthopedic and traumatological surgery are real personalized therapy supplemented with augmented reality, and implants that play a local biological role in addition to their mechanical action.

We think and act to build by always looking
beyond present possibilities.

For you, your patients, your teams, your institutions……
Above and Beyond: Your Solution… ABYS